Situational Context & External Drivers

Agrosystems and food security are at risk of increased global demand and limited water supply

Volatile hydroclimates and fragmented institutions limit adaptive capacity

Water managers and agricultural producers need operational flexibility to ensure profitability

Rural communities need educational enhancement, technological investment and leadership

Sustaining agrosystems requires overcoming barriers in resource and economic policy

Our Approach to Research

Integrated Data Enabled Water (DEW) Trade research, extension & education will accelerate the adoption of agricultural & water technologies, frameworks and institutions to sustain and to increase flexibility of agrosystems and dependent communities

DEW Sensing

Enable transmission of field scale water sensing via resilient LoRa networks for water accounting in digital agriculture, optimal sensor placement for Smart Farm IoT integration, and blockchain-based Secure and Trusted Water Data Storage

DEW Measuring

Assess the extent, barriers, and data needs for on-farm water management, develop protocols for quantifying farm-scale water storage and develop a machine-learning (ML) based near and short-term irrigation water demand forecasting tool

DEW Accounting

Account for coupled surface water and groundwater stores and fluxes, identify and assess novel means to enable water banking and quantify impacts of water trading with Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA)

DEW Trading

    Assess barriers to trade and market robustness across the western US, quantify the economic benefits of expanded water trading, and analyze the distributional, third-party, and unintended consequences of water trading

Our Approach to Engagement

DEW Extension

Developing on-the-ground solutions is built on engagement with clientele and stakeholders early and often in the process. We propose to develop a novel Innovation-to-Action (I2A) framework to co-develop, test, and refine approaches to inform on-farm and policy decision-making in ways that sustain and enhance food and water security

DEW Education

Establish and execute a cohort based immersive education experience for graduate students across five institutions, building on prior successes in multi-institution, multi-disciplinary graduate education (ED2) and build on insights from existing teacher training programs to extend the learning environment to high school STEM teachers while making curricula available through sharing and advertising widely to STEM and Agricultural teachers across the western US

Transdisciplinary Science & Engineering Team

We are employing a diverse team of organizations and institutions to tackle the various facets DEWTRADE innovates on. This includes 5 research universities, 1 think tank, and 3 case studies

Consisting of 2 Hispanic Serving institutions (HCI) and 2 Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research institutions (EPSCoR)

Core Leadership

Joshua Viers

UC Merced

Sarah Null

Utah State University

Alexander Fernald

New Mexico State University

Alvar Escriva-Bou

Public Policy Institute of California

Graham Fogg

UC Davis

Ellen Bruno

UC Berkeley

Research Team

Stefano Carpin

UC Merced

David Rosenberg

Utah State University

Teamrat Ghezzehei

UC Merced

Josue Medellín-Azuara

UC Merced

Impact Team

Colleen Naughton

UC Merced

Safeeq Khan

UC Merced

Chelsea Arnold

UC Merced

Sarah Null

Utah State University


This includes Improved Knowledge, Improved Leadership, and Improved Prosperity.

    Identify barriers to implementation of technology and water markets.
    Foster a transformational system of science and engineering solutions to serve agricultural communities and economies.
    Develop efficient and effective accounting, trading, and use of water. Cultivate the next generation of leaders in the ag-food-tech space.